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Levi has dedicated his life to personal growth and contribution to others, which has lead to developing IdEA Entrepreneur Academy, a lifetime growth process for entrepreneurs around the world to grow in every area of their personal and professional life.  IdEA was chosen for KC's Thinking Bigger Media's SMART Company's to watch in 2013.  Levi loves the entrepreneurial spirit, it drives him, and defines him.  He directed this passion in developing a resource center to provide leadership, creativity and direction through Strategic Intervention Coaching for the often overwhelmed successful entrepreneur. IdEA is a mentor and advocate for business owners, and focuses on the WHOLE entrepreneur, teaching the importance of success through growth and balance.  Levi believes it is important to pool resources in the spirit of collaboration, and proactively connects the right people at the right time. 

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Giving Back is a Blessing!

A portion of every dollar that Clockwork Financial & IdEA earns goes to help the least fortunate families around the world. Join us to help the needy by sponsoring as many children as you can and make a meaningful donation to the areas that World Vision has found the have the greatest need.  We have found this organization to have integrity as well as run a very efficient charitable organization.

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