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We are truly blessed!

We are blessed to work with some of the highest quality individuals in the world.  Highly successful, humble, teachable, creative and optimistic entrepreneurs joining the Clockwork Financial Family to join our Vision to make this world a better place, starting with ourselves, thereby influencing our community to be, do and have more than they thought  possible before meeting us!

What REALLY Matters is What Our Clients Have to Say...

"If you're looking for a trustworthy, caring and knowledgable financial planner, Levi Clock and his staff are the very best!  He uses unconventional ways of teaching financial ideas, and has helped our family tremendously.  He has opened up our minds to new ways of thinking about our money, and has shown us strategies to make smart financial decisions. I recently graduated from dental school, and didn't know how to effectively manage our money. We were very nervous at first, simply because we didn't have a lot of financial knowledge but Levi and his team were there every step of the way.

 We live in Nebraska, but travel to Kansas City often.  Our first meeting with Levi was very personal.  He made it a point to get to know us over breakfast with his family.  We had so much in common and really enjoyed spending time with him and his family.  Even though we live in Nebraska, it has been very easy to communicate with him via teleconference.  We are excited for the future and we can rest assured knowing that we are making the right financial decisions. Levi is a very beneficial person to have on your team."
-Trino & Kelly Nuño, D.D.S. & Entrepreneurs & RE Investors, Gretna, NE
"We have been working with Levi now since 2014, and have already learned so much!  Our one-on-one sessions can easily turn into 2-3 hours …. and the amazing part … he has the ability to capture our attention the entire time!  He has helped us look at and think about things differently, not only what we do (our actions) but how and what we think, and has helped us identify and focus on what is important -- that life is more than getting into the "end zone" .. the entire game or our entire life journey is important!  We have taken an in-depth look at our personal budget (or lack there of!), have done a self-evaluation of our personal weakness and strengths, and have even imagined and wrote down what our dream life in 3 years looks like.  He has us reading books, watching movies, and playing games … all of which have provided tremendous insight into our thoughts, beliefs, and values.  After just 4 months, we already have a better understanding of ourselves, where our money is actually going, and our financial goals!  With his knowledge and wisdom combined with his way of motivating and empowering us, we are very hopeful and optimistic that our dream life will become reality! "

Alan & Mary Devereaux & family, Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Investors
Omaha, NE
"When I first started working with Levi many years ago, I was cautiously optimistic having already read and evaluated the Infinite Banking Concept but knew no one personally with any experience in this system. Levi helped me feel comfortable enough to get started. As Nelson Nash says in his book, it takes a while to get the bank started and funded. Levi has worked with me every step of the way supplying the right amount of encouragement and explanation. Levi has been both generous and patient in his tutoring me as I grasp the concepts of the Infinite Banking System. It has been a blessing to have been lucky enough to have 'accidently' come across Levi and become a client."
-Dr. Leonard & Carla Suiter, D.C., RE & Entrepreneurs, Elisville, MO

"I read Mr. Nash's book about “being your own banker” and while I liked the idea, I lacked the knowledge to implement it.  I was researching different firms online when I came across Clockwork Financial.  After opening a dialog with Levi Clock, I realized that he had the knowledge of how to actually make this financial system work.  


What makes it interesting is that even with a PhD in economics, I needed someone to explain not the concept but the application of the idea.  Levi spent as much time as it took, both on the phone and through email, to convince me he knew what he was doing, he knew what I wanted to do, and he could help me.  During the process, I developed a relationship with Levi that has moved beyond just business.  I consider him a friend that I can trust and a source of honest information - even if that information in no way profits him." -Dr. Bill Williams & family, RE Investors, Syracuse, UT

"Levi, I have never in my entire life shown anyone my budget except for you!  I really trust you and I appreciate your mindfulness when giving me advice. You ask important and appropriate questions which makes me feel like you really have my best interests in mind. Thank you for your care and concern."
-Trish S. & family, Entrepreneurs & RE Investors Vail, CO

"After retiring for good in 1996 I have had time to attend and evaluate numerous seminars concerning management of finances and taxes for older people.  The one person who appears to me to be the leader in management and taxes is Levi Clock.  I find him not only knowledgeable, but very open and trustworthy.  I am pleased to recommend Levi to my friends and to my own family." 

- Dr. George A. Russell, Jr., Retired University Chancellor & US Navy

Lee's Summit, MO 

Thank You for getting us into the Infinite Banking Concept, (IBC).  The ‘light came on’ for us in your office that day.  You knew that I have a life insurance license.  Thus, I knew you weren’t just trying to make a deal.  You were genuine with your ideas and your honest presentation was very well received.  Nearly four years later, we continue to be amazed at how well IBC works…  We now have two “banks”, and are excited to add more!  We’ve also been able to get my parents and some of my siblings started…


IBC has transformed our finances, and our lives.  We positively have no regrets whatsoever!  I think it’s a lot like learning to ride a bike…once you know how to ride - you never forget how!  Thanks again!”

 -Clint & Sarah Kueffer, P&C insurance agents & Real Estate Investors, Lawrence, KS

"My experience with Clockwork Financial has been great!  I have found Mr. Clock to be extremely thorough and helpful in various aspects of the financial arena.  I came to Clockwork looking for a way to build wealth using the Infinite Banking Concept and in the process of our discussions uncovered ways to address multiple issues with minimal changes to my current financial output!  When others told me that there was no way to accomplish what I was trying to achieve, Mr. Clock showed me how to do it and much more.  The people at Clockwork financial are responsive, prompt, and very patient professionals.  Thanks for all your help so far and I look forward to continuing to build wealth using your awesome strategies in the years to come."

-Dr. Stafford Conley, Jr. D.D.S. & family, Entrepreneur, Bowie, MD

We started Becoming Your Own Banker many years ago with Clockwork Financial, and we have been pleasantly surprised at how this strategy has turned out to be even better than we thought it would be, and have felt very comfortable referring our family and friends to look at their options with Clockwork Financial.  -Jared & Mandy Scholz & family, Pastor & Entrepreneurs, Lawrence, KS

"We have greatly benefited from the many informative sessions we have had with Levi, in reference to investment planning.  In deed, we have found him knowledgeable, patient, and kind, and very informative. At no time did we ever feel Levi was pressuring us or attempting to influence us, except for our own good.  We are pleased to recommend Levi to our friends who may have similar needs." 

-Dr. Dan & Alice Waite, Retired Oral Surgeon & University Professor

Lee's Summit, MO

"After having owned the IBC policies for many years, I am thankful that I chose this route of wealth building and asset protection rather than mutual funds such as Dave Ramsey (and most of the rest of the world) was advocating.  I've talked with many folks whose net worth - all they have accumulated over the course of a lifetime- dropped in value by 40-70% in just a few short months.  That would be excruciatingly hard to take, and even more so if those funds were still at risk.  So thanks, Levi, for helping keep us safe! Levi, I think you have the best solutions available anywhere for all those people, and that's how you need to position yourself in today's marketplace." 

-Rob & Danielle Moritz, Evangelist & Entrepreneur, Shawnee, KS

"Levi Clock is a man on a mission to all who will listen to what wisdom he is teaching.  He gives me hope for the future."

-R. Nelson Nash, Mentor, Economist, Author: BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER & WAREHOUSE OF WEALTH

Birmingham, AL

"Thank you for your patience and encouragement as I began to look into the Infinite Banking concept.  I was very skeptical, as you well know.  Today, I am thankful to be my own banker.  My family and business are benefiting from the financial knowledge and experience you have shared with me. Blessings to you and your family!

Tony Petrehn – Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Lenexa, KS

"The Infinite Banking Concept is the best financial strategy we have ever come across, and Clockwork Financial goes the extra mile to train their clients to fully understand and utilize it.  After over 6 years of being clients, my wife and I can clearly see the effectiveness of the strategies we learned!  We confidently recommend Clockwork Financial to our friends and family!”


Jeremy & Christine Moritz & family, Entrepreneurs

Shawnee, KS

"We are constantly bombarded from the financial world about the best way to invest our money and presented with what’s the latest and greatest investment.  I came to the realization that what I was doing was not going to work.

A friend suggested that I attend a presentation by Levi Clock and I’m glad I took the time. It opened a new door to investing, understanding different vehicles and getting real returns on my investments that work for me.

Levi and the team at Clockwork Financial will work for you. If you don’t quit they won’t quit."

Tom Perfetti & Family, Entrepreneurs, Vail, CO

I love being able to borrow money from my policy and use it to pay cash for big purchases like this truck. There’s no lien on my title. It’s all mine. And now the interest I pay benefits me, not some corporate bank. And worse case scenario, if I decided to not repay the loan, no one will come take away my truck. It’s a win-win for me.
-Rob Kreisel, Entrepreneur & My Own Banker, Oxford, PA

Thanks for helping us become our own banker!

-Mike & Debbie Forrest, Entrepreneurs/RE Investors, Liberty, MO

"I love Clockwork Financial – you guys are the experts!  My personal experience is that it's easy for me to access my cash value account when I need it.  I have already used my cash value to pay for schooling!  Policy loans are easy to acquire and, as long as I pay them back, I can always use the money when I need or want to.  Thank you, guys!"


Matt Mitchell, Nurse, Anchorage, AK

"When I first heard about Clockwork Financial and Levi’s presentation - a sustainable method of building personal and business wealth - I have to admit I was a little skeptical… I thought to myself: “Another broker wanting my business and telling me how they are going to make and keep me in riches… All the while, all they care about is the next transaction…


After meeting Levi and listening to his presentation on Becoming Your Own Banker, I was hooked!  It’s a pleasure to hear ideas that truly can work for you.  With Levi, you are never too old or too young to start enhancing your financial position.  Using Clockwork’s tools and expertise - you can become your own banker and keep your money where it belongs!  You can access it and know that you are working towards a better financial future for you, your family and your legacy!”

Rich tenBraak & Family, Entrepreneurs, Vail, CO

"Top-level consultants who listen to your life goals and then assess how they can help you grow – that’s Clockwork.  The Clockwork professionals have assisted me in taking an objective look at my unique situation and have helped me lay the groundwork for my future security!  Now I’m on track!  If you would like more confidence about your financial future - then I strongly recommend you talk to Clockwork Financial today!”


J.S., KC, MO

"We have known and trusted Levi Clock for years with our financial investments.  He recently surprised us by investing money for both my 88 year-old mother and 92 year-old aunt!  They each had a limited sum of money, but thanks to Levi's knowledge and ingenuity - he converted their money into a cash flow that will increase and pay out to them!  If you have a financial need or seek guidance with investments, you need Clockwork Financial to represent you!"- Danny M, RxPH  & Emily, MST & family, Blue Springs, MO

"Levi is a total professional and straightforward.  He took my business seriously.  I live in another state and was very comfortable doing business with him to help me with my

retirement savings.  He is a person of integrity.  I highly recommend him.”

Colleen U., Tucson, AZ

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