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Clockwork Financial: The Infinite Banking Concept

The Basics

Clockwork Financial specializes in The Infinite Banking Concept, which helps you learn how to become your own banker. Using the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), you grow and protect your financial future with a time-tested strategy that many of the major banks and corporations consider to be one of the safest ways to leverage, finance and grow their own money. 


Some potential benefits of the Infinite Banking Concept are:

  • grow your business while reducing interest expenses.
  • reduce taxes and increase your financial legacy.
  • build predictable tax-favored wealth
  • increase retirement saving without worrying about the volatility of stock market. 


As with most other things in life, the key to achieving your financial objectives is not only proper planning, but learning that the PROCESS is more important than the PRODUCT. Tiger Woods isn't a successful golfer because he picked the right clubs. Michael Jordan wasn't a successful basketball player because he picked the right shoes or basketball. And Ty Cobb wasn't a successful baseball player because he picked the right bat in 1905. In fact, there's been advancements in the quality of bats over the last century, yet no-one has beat his career batting average... these top athletes learned the most important component of success, the PROCESS (the swing).  Now it's your turn.

Your goal may be to grow and protect your business, fund your children's college education, protect your family during your working years, or guarantee your own retirement security. These things won’t happen by accident. It’s important to determine what you’d like to achieve first and then map out a plan that will help you to best meet those goals. The good news is that it’s never too late to start, and you'll be surprised once you see the proof!

Of course, planning your financial future can be complex & intimidating for many. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. As experienced professionals, we can help you identify your financial objectives, and then determine which proven strategies can best help you meet your business and personal goals. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation now to see how you can start making your money work for you!  Enjoy the following educational videos to prepare you for your meeting with us.

For some simpler explanations and a smile...

Bank Chart Challenge
IBC Practitioner, Infinite Banking

Who benefits from IBC?




All Healthcare Practitioners

Real Estate Investors

Pre Retirees & Retirees

For Your Small Business

For Your Large Business

For Non-Profit Organizations

For Government

For Investment Clubs



You & most importantly, those who depend on you!

Why use life insurance? 

Client Testimonials 

After having owned the IBC policies for many years, I am thankful that I chose this route of wealth building and asset protection rather than mutual funds such as Dave Ramsey (and most of the rest of the world)

was advocating.  I've talked with many folks whose net worth - all

they have accumulated over the course of a lifetime- dropped in value by 40-70% in just a few short months.  That would be excruciatingly hard to take, and even more so if those funds were still at risk.  So thanks, to Clockwork for helping keep us safe!

I think Clockwork has the best solutions available anywhere for all those people, and that's how you need to position yourself in today's marketplace.  If you do, I think you will find the world will beat a path to your door.

-Rob Moritz, Shawnee, KS Entrepreneur

Clockwork Financial created an easy way to get my own cash when I needed it, without sacrificing my investments.  I have already used it to pay tuition for schooling!  Policy loans are easy to acquire and it feels great to know I am paying myself back and not paying somebody else the interest!

-Matthew Mitchell | Alaska

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